Paris... not always shinny !

Paris is, sure, a wonderful city, with outstanding architecture and deep history.

I always had a difficult relationship with this city. It can be as shinny as it is messy and often dirty.

It can be relaxing and aggressive.

Energetic and can make you stone at the same time.

I wouldn’t live in Paris, I couldn’t, but visiting it is always something special !

Saint Michel

Normandy is outstanding...

It's a long way ... away... from Thaïland, but still, travel it is !

The "Mont Saint Michel" is an incredible peace of art/culture/history that you could shoot undreds of times without having two similar pictures.

Thaïland for EVER !

Travelling to Thaïland has been my main goal since the first time I walk on the land of smile...

What I felt, what I discovered felt like reconecting with my childhood... I felt reconected to Africa where I grew as a child.